Tasting & Sunset at Santo Winery

Santo Winery

Every day in Greece ended up with chasing sunsets, and we were lucky enough to have pleasant weather throughout the entire trip (except for one morning in Athens). While Kacey and Daniel stayed behind at the AirBNB, Tie, Albert and I took a cab from Fira and got our drink on at Santo Winery. With an almost entirely unobstructed view of the caldera, it is one of the best places to catch a sunset.

Santorini is well known for its white wine and the three of us shared an 18-glass flight so as to not get drunk before dinner. Besides, they were really generous with the amount poured. We started with the champagnes and then some dry whites before progressing to the more full-bodied reds and ending with dessert wines. Our favorites were definitely the dry whites. Not a huge fan of the dessert wines; I find that they are generally way too sweet in all the restaurants that served it. Definitely an acquired taste. If you are interested in purchasing some wine, Santo Winery has an indoor gift shop and additional tasting area. They also serve food, and we ordered an octopus appetizer with a side of mustard (again, so we don’t get drunk).

As we sipped our wine, the sun started setting behind the volcano. Quite different from the more chaotic feeling we get in Oia where tourists are packed like sardines. I am forever in awe at how this daily occurrence can feel so different depending on the location.

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