Kani Douraku

One of our most memorable dinners was at Kani Douraku. There are a bunch of locations in Japan, with the honten (main store) being in Dotombori, Osaka, but we went to the one in Shinjuku. Actually, it felt like there was one Kani Douraku for every few¬†storefronts at Dotombori. The restaurant always has a giant 3D crab in the signage. Here, you remove your shoes before entering the dining area. I recommend getting a reservation before coming, as I hear there’s usually a wait. Lots of Chinese people seem to love eating here.


The special thing about Kani Douraku is all the different ways they prepare the kani (crab). You order a set meal, which feeds at least 2 people. They make crab sashimi, grilled crab, crab sushi, crab tempura, crab soup – you name it. Definitely a must-go if you’re a crab lover like Tie. Hello, high cholesterol. And now, for some mediocre food pics.





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