Hey, everyone! Welcome to the travel blog of Tie and myself, Margaret. We often get asked what we did on vacation and for recommendations. Instead of pointing you towards Instagram and Yelp, we decided it could be fun to just start a blog. Also, Tie loves maximizing his hotel and flight reward points, so you’ll probably get some tips from him, too. This is our not-so-lazy way of answering all those questions and avoiding repetitive “how was your vacation” conversations (though we appreciate your interest). In a few days we will embark on our second Asia vacation of the year, so be on the lookout for updates on places to go sightseeing, eat until you feel disgusted with yourself, and made-for-Instagram photos.

Please excuse the cookie-cutter templated layout we have at the moment. It will be designed once we come back from vacay. In the meantime, I’ll work on another post about our trip to Japan earlier this year during cherry blossom season (returning again this time). Stay tuned, y’all.